The one thing that a majority of amputee’s hate is the unwarranted pity they get from their social circle.

The first emotion that an amputee incites in most people is of pity. Most people will feel sorry for someone with a missing limb. And the emotion is not misplaced. Every human being treasures their body at an unconscious level. No one would volunteer a limb for a cause, unless he/she is trained to do so. A love for the physical self is an innate feat of all living beings.

The feeling of pity arises from that love. The feeling of pity actually originates for the self. People actually project a fear of loss to the self if they were in that situation, as pity.

The pity is misplaced. But it is important for every amputee to get used to it. Think of it this way. If you are an amputee, you already know what it is like to be with all limbs. you know what it is like to be a ‘normal’ person, a non-amputee. However, ‘normal’ people do knot know what it is like to be you, to be an amputee. you have been on both sides, whereas someone standing on the other side does not know how you feel, whether you feel privileged, disadvantaged or equal.

If you fight the unwarranted expression of pity or get aggravated when comes expresses it, it is at your own loss. Life will be much easier if you can entertain the anomalies of other people’s misunderstandings and misplaced emotions without getting affected by it.