Disclaimer: I have a below-the-elbow arm amputation. So, if you believe that I’m not qualified to advise below-the-leg amputees, I respect your opinion. You do not have to follow my advice. I’m just using my knowledge and my experience in modifying Yoga poses for myself, and extrapolating it to come up with a recommendation for a leg amputee.

Now that we are done with the formalities, we can move on to the topic of this article. The modified Utkatasana for single foot amputees.

Recommendation: Don’t practice this until your wounds have healed. It’s ok if you have phantom pain or residual limb pain. But its not ok to do this if you have blisters, clots etc. Your wound must have healed & be done with, before you start this.

The first thing anyone notices when they stand on one leg is that one needs to engage the core muscles in order to just stand up straight. If you are a single leg amputee, this is something you need to use to your advantage. A simple pose – like the chair pose – will require immense core engagement for a person with one foot. And if you have just one foot left, you need to build strength in all of your body to be able to support you on that foot.

Beside the modified Utkatasana, I would recommend the Toe Stand pose (Padangusthasana). I will create a blog post and video about it later.