Post Amputation: Do you need an Amputee coach?

In an ideal world – the answer would be ‘NO’. However, being a coach for amputees myself, I’m inclined to answer this question in an affirmative ‘YES’.

The fact is that this requirement varies from one individual to another. Life is its own teacher. Life will teach you what you need to learn.

But the world is not ideal by anyone’s imagination. Some of us can reach for the stars, while others can’t find enough ground to stand on. Life can put us in a situation that throws the best of us off balance. So, the answer to the above question depends on the person & the situation.

An amputation is undoubtedly a major life altering experience, and it wouldn’t be misleading to encourage someone to use guidance from an informed resource. That being said, several actors may play a role in your decision on whether you want to include a life coach in your team or not.

In almost all cases, you will end up finding a support anchor – that person might not have the label of a ‘coach’. but they will act as an anchor for you to go to, whenever you need to. That person is usually a close family member, your girlfriend/boyfriend, finance, spouse, sibling etc.

However, some people are not fortunate to have a family member by their side in the hour of need. While in the case of others, immediate family members might feel lost and incapable to help since they are not well versed with the situation.

In any case, if you have the resources, a life coach who has walked in your shoes, even if partly,  can be an extremely valuable in your journey towards rehabilitation and setting up a new life.

If you have insurance coverage, you must ABSOLUTELY get a coach, who has experience going through the process. Your expenses for a qualified life coach should be covered under your insurance policy, especially if he/she is an amputee himself/herself. A good lawyer can easily make a case for including Amputee Coaching in your rehabilitation process. A good coach can also help you choose a good lawyer, align your resources and make recommendation based on his/her life experience.

That being said, don’t just get an Amputee Coach because you are covered for expenses. Rather, use this opportunity to choose a Coach that makes a positive contribution to your recovery and guides you towards making the recovery process happier and healthier. Most importantly, your Amputee Coach should be able to encourage you as a real life example to expedite your recovery, and to get your life on track sooner.

Chapter one in your journey from Amputation to Recovery. Believe.

This is the first article I wrote and the first video I created when starting this blog.

In this article, as well as in the video, I wanted to lay the foundation for my future posts and commentary.While I will be posting objective strategies and techniques for coping with an amputation, there is a need for a deeper connect after a trauma like this.

If you are an amputee, I want to express my condolences for your loss, while at the same time congratulate you for being alive, and getting a shot at a second life. At least, that is how I look at my life post amputation.

If you’r amputation is recent, I want to assure you can create a great life for yourself, even after this loss. I’m a living example of an ordinary good life after amputation. And I know of examples better than myself.

However, in order to create that great life, the first essential component is belief.

You need to believe in yourself, in your capability, in the fact that you are going to create  and live a good life, a life better than what you had before your amputation.